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Too many babies to keep track of! My youngest sister, Leah, was having some rare complications with her gestation, and since the baby was 37 weeks and thus technically full-term, they decided to induce labor. So yesterday we welcomed Michael Calvin Wischmann to the family, less than a week after my other sister's baby. 6 lbs. 9 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long, and mom and baby are doing well. Michael is my brother-in-law's name and his father's name, and Calvin is the name of my grandfather who passed away last year. Chances are this baby will be known as "Cal" which is quite sweet for those of us who knew his great-grandpa.

So now the only one left is my sister-in-law Rachel's baby girl who isn't due until September. Yes, all three of my siblings were expecting, and within a few months my parents will have gone from one grandchild to four - three boys and a girl. They're over the moon!

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I managed to catch the end of the voting in the New York Senate last night, just in time to hold my breath waiting to find out whether they'd managed to push the same-sex marriage bill through. It was so good to see it happen and it felt like a bit of a sea change, since the whiners won't be able to use the good old "judicial activism" gambit -- I'm sure they'll still trot out "let us hold a referendum" but that's going to happen every time until we get the concept of representative democracy pounded into their feeble little minds.

There's a lot of talk about this being the tipping point for marriage equality and I'm thinking the next few years will be very interesting on that front. Pennsylvania will probably hold out 'til the bitter end, of course. Ron and I have talked about making it legal for our tenth anniversary this fall; New York might be a better option for us because it looks like NY only requires 24 hours between issuing the license and solemnizing the marriage instead of, say, DC's three business day waiting period. So maybe that will happen after all. :) Still won't mean anything legally here until either PA does the right thing or DOMA gets repealed and they're forced to respect the full faith and credit clause in the constitution, of course, but we still think it's important to do.

In other news, nephew Nate went home with his mom and dad today; I got pictures texted to me of him strapped into his car seat, wearing a tiny t-shirt that says "Hi! I'm new here." So cute. Can't wait to get out to Arizona and meet him (and the other two that are still on the way!)
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Ron and I are uncles again!

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This was a pretty decent weekend.

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I guess it's back to work tomorrow. At least it'll be easier on my food log.
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I got a call from my doctor this afternoon. He told me that I definitely have a brain in my skull, and it doesn't have any tumors in it. This is good news.

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Like probably 90% of American men, I don't actually own any items of purple clothing. Still, my thoughts are with the families of the kids who've taken their lives in the last couple months, and every kid who wakes up knowing that today is going to be hell. Again.

My work-based charitable contribution this year is going to Philadelphia's Attic Center: "The Attic creates opportunities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community, and promotes the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society."

Stop the hate, and stop the bullying of every kid for every reason.
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OK, I was doing some USA Today crosswords online tonight, and I clicked back to the 6/12 puzzle, and despite solving the puzzle, one of the clues just didn't make any sense to me:

32 Down: Dance Party (5 letters)

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Is there something I'm missing or does this really make no sense at all? The quality of the USA Today puzzles isn't always stupendous, but come on.
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Hey Mac people:

All of a sudden the majority of my icons (PDFs, JPGs, SVGs, pretty much everything except ZIPs, folders, and odd file formats) have gone from the 36x36px I keep them set at to about 10x10. They're tiny! I went in and resized them in my view options, and they all changed to the new size momentarily and then went back to being tiny again a moment later. Any idea what's caused this? They're appearing this size on my desktop and in my folders when in icon view. It's not really causing any functioning problems, it's just very weird.
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Happy Beltane to those who celebrate!

A moment also of remembrance for the awesome peeps who've fought to stave off mandatory 18-hour days with no breaks, and often got killed for it.
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OK, I had to answer this one because it cracks me up now. When I was little, the Duracell battery commercials used to freak me out terribly. (The part at the end -- ding, ding, ding: BOOM! -- as the two halves of the battery slam together.) Yup: dry cells made me cry.


Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:33 pm
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This last week was Cabin Fever at [ profile] skacubby's folks' little ramshackle shack in the woods of Virginia. My friend Dino picked me up early on Wednesday morning and we stopped by the Melrose Diner for breakfast before hitting the road. By the time the sun came up we were halfway to Harrisburg, and five hours after we left we were at the Cabin.

We arrived shortly after [ profile] ivanushka, [ profile] sofabeast and [ profile] nightfallcub got there, fresh from a 14-hour odyssey non-stop from Chicagoland. David and Charles I knew from last year's party, but while I've known Larry for years and years here on LJ, this was the first chance we'd had to meet in the Real Lifes. AWESOME! There were hugs galore.

All in all thirteen of us showed up (I think). We ate lots of Chick-Fil-A (without getting kicked out this time, way to go guys!), drank a whole lot, and watched some very dumb (and funny) movies. Five of us hit the slopes -- well, the tubing hill, anyway -- and spent a couple hours throwing ourselves down the mountainside. That was a huge blast and we'll be doing that again next year I'm sure. After that most of the guys went to the waterpark but I took a break instead. We also went en masse to mini-golf. I got a hole in one on the third hole but ended up about 18 over par for the course thanks to the goddamned fifth hole. NEXT YEAR, GOLF COURSE... There was also an ill-advised Golden Girls marathon that we nearly got sucked into but we managed to escape its awful gravity thanks to the siren call of Lady Liquor. Oh, and there was a poultry massacre at BW3's. And a 50-lb. box of BBQ. And and and.. I don't think I could remember it all even if I hadn't killed large quantities of previously useful brain cells.

Anyway it was a very chill weekend. It's always great to get together with this group because [ profile] skacubby has excellent taste in friends and we always get along fabulously. In addition to Larry, I got to meet several people I'd previously only known online and as I'd hoped, they all turned out to be sweethearts and just as awesome in person as they are on the internets. And hot. OMG, we're lucky the Cabin didn't spontaneously combust with all that hotness on hand. TBRU, eat your heart out.

It's been good to be home with my husband but it's hard to let go of good times like that, and go back to ordinary life. It helps that I'll be going out to Chicago a couple times this year and will get to see a lot of the guys again then, at least. And there's always next year at the Cabin.
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So when we came back to work on Friday we were wondering why Housekeeping had been so upset about the giant snowball the kids had made in the Quad over the snow days.

Oh... OK.
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Well this is unprecedented: two snow days in a row!

Now I just have to hope we both make it through another day cooped up in the house. :)


Feb. 9th, 2010 09:47 pm
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Snow day!!! :D

I think we've gotten one snow day since I started 9 years ago, and even then we didn't find out until that morning that we didn't have to come in.

I can haz sleep-in!
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Thank you for all the kind words in the wake of my grandpa's death. My LJ-peeps are the best!

I'm flying out tomorrow and we'll be having the service on Saturday. I'm making the most of my airfare and spending about a week with my family. Hey, I've got the PTO saved up, might as well. I feel bad that I'm leaving Ron all alone for that long -- usually it's him that goes on the week-long excursions without me. I'm sure he'll manage though, even if he has to ring in the new year without me.
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It's not sudden or a surprise, but my grandfather passed away this morning. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago but really took a turn for the worse right about Thanksgiving. I got to say goodbye to him when I was out there earlier this month, which I'm grateful for. I should be able to fly back for the funeral and to spend a little time with my family; I wasn't hoping to see them quite so soon but at least I don't think they're sick of me yet. ;)
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Whew. Just got in the door from a week and a half out of town. Spent the first week with my family in Arizona; got to meet my new nephew Ethan and spend time with my parents and all but one of my siblings. Since then we have been in Indianapolis since Wednesday for Midwest Bearfest, which was awesome. We spent Thursday at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which we thought was fantastic; on Friday morning Ron sprained his ankle pretty badly as we walked in a very pedestrian-unfriendly area (i.e., Indy) but he soldiered through the weekend with the help of some ace bandages, ice, and a zillion cute bears asking if he was doing OK. We had a great time and hopefully will be able to afford to go back to Indy next year -- it was a mellow run and the prices for both airfare to Indy and the hotel cost were very reasonable.

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Yesterday was another Santa Saturday, an event run by a nearby motorcycle/leather club that we've been going to for years. Ron was Santa again this year; the event has been in Asbury Park for the last two years and we'd decided to save ourselves some effort, booking a room at the hotel that's attached to the nightclub where the event is held. The hotel even gave us the event staff discount since Ron was working as Santa. We took the Bolt bus up to NYC and then took the NJ Transit train down to Asbury Park; it took about the same amount of time that the NJT bus would have taken except that we had wifi and comfier seats for the ride.

Our room was nice but I wish we'd been able to get the balcony door open before this morning. Our balcony wrapped around the corner of the hotel and we had a beautiful view of the Atlantic and the boardwalk from it -- it was too chilly to have spent much time out there but it was a nice little perk.

The event went off well; we estimated that the crowd was about the usual numbers -- around 1200 -- but it always seems like less at this site because there's just more room to put people in. At the height of the day though, it was still very hard to get around because of the crush of people.

I saved the day with my Fearsome Mac Powers early on, getting the computer to speak to the photo printer so that we could print the photos with Santa quickly enough to make a $5 picture for charity convenient for everyone. (I have Install Updated Drivers mojo! Ph33r m3!) I also helped the Keystone boys of Leather hang a banner with my +2 Legs of Tallness, and filled in at the photo station. Hating crowds as I do, it's always helpful to keep myself occupied at these things.

Our friends Steve and Josh gave us a ride back to Philly so we could avoid NJT again, so we're home a lot sooner than anticipated -- which was a nice finish to a fun weekend. Now we've got two work days before we head out to Flagstaff for a week with my family and then Midwest Bearfest on the way back. Such jet-setters we are. ;)
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Well, that was the nicest Thanksgiving I've had in a very long time. We went over to Ron's brother's house and while it was the usual crowd of insanely loud Italians, we were mostly loud because we were playing Beatles Rock Band and having a good time. I think it helps that the kids that were 7 and 12 when I first moved here are now 15 and 20 and everyone behaves like adults, more or less. I ate just enough to feel happy but not enough to feel like I was gonna 'splode. It was really quite pleasant!

Happy Thanksgiving (or "Happy Non-Specific Thursday" for the dang furriners on my list!) I'm thankful for YOU.

Yes, even you.
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I am (finally) an uncle!

Ethan was born around 2pm today. No size info yet but he's sure cute:

We'll be going back to visit them at the start of December.


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