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1. I have discovered my superpower. When I stumble into the bathroom in the morning for my morning ablutions, I can tell whether or not there is some sort of insect in the tub, even before I put my contacts in, when I can't actually see. There's not usually a bug in there, but it happens on occasion, and I always just sort of know when I enter the room. The other morning I could tell there was, but I didn't see anything after I'd put my contacts in -- but yep, when I turned on the water, a little buglet skittered down the drain from where it had been hiding on the inner side of the tub.

I promise to use my powers only for good.

2. In other magical news, my class this semester has been quite interesting. I'm taking a course on Greek and Roman Magic, which pretty much amounts to "Interesting Ways to Curse Your Neighbors for Fun and Profit." These people were all about the hexes, I'm telling you. And the things they did to various creatures furry and otherwise... eesh. And eeew.

I was quite taken last night by one spell that was supposed to be an infallible contraceptive spell. It seems like it would actually work pretty well. I have a feeling it has less to do with Ineffable Cosmic Powers, though, and more with the fact that it involved wearing a leather amulet filled with ox snot and earwax from a mule. Ain't no brother getting laid wearing one of those. You'd be lucky to get even a peck on the cheek.

3. There is no item three.
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[ profile] raven_andubh posted this story about some whackadoos in Texas who think that US highway 35 is the "holy highway" mentioned in Isaiah 35:8.

As I commented in her post, I decided to take a closer look. The word Isaiah uses for "highway" is מסלול (maslul). Using the kabbalistic practice of gematria (essentially Jewish mystical numerology) this word has a value of 166. If we change the word to "your highway" (מסלולך, maslulekha) guess what the number comes out to? (Hint -- the extra letter is worth an even 500.)

They might want to think twice about whose highway they've chosen as their pilgrimage site.*

(* Yes, I know the number of the Beast is probably 616. Still, they likely don't know that.)


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