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I had finally made my appointment to go in for the first half of the "getting a crown put on the tooth I had a root canal performed on back in January" procedure I've been putting off. That part took about ten minutes, but I'd also mentioned the severe toothache I'd had last week and had them x-ray it for me since I suspected I might be developing an abscess. "Yep, you need a root canal," said the dentist. "Yeah, I kind of figured I might," I told her. "Hold on, I'll be back in a second," she said, and a minute later she came back. "The endodontist had a cancellation this morning, I'm taking you over to him," she said. And yep, fifteen minutes later I was busy having another root canal. Unexpected, but better than waiting a month and a half for an appointment to open up, by a long shot.

It was pretty easy this time again, though I'm feeling a tiny bit sore as the feeling returns to my mouth. Probably not as sore as my wallet's going to feel once I get both these teeth crowned though; my insurance only covers 60% so I'm probably going to be in for a couple grand. It's still better than hurting like that, though. *shudder* Turns out I did the right thing by taking the course of penicillin I had handy, though; he didn't prescribe me the antibiotic he'd normally write an Rx for since I'd taken care of that part already. Illicit self-medication for the win!


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