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Google had good timing when they did their I-79 Street View drive north of Pittsburgh... they managed to catch the town of Pennsic during its once-a-year emergence from the dust at Cooper's Lake.

Clicky, open up Street View and face west... and marvel at the sea of tents.

If you go to the right place you can see our road; I don't think you can see any of our tents though as there are taller things in the way.
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OK, guess I should tackle my back-from-Pennsic entry.

For those unsure what I'm talking about, each August somewhere in the vicinity of 12,000 medievalists and other hangers-on descend upon the tiny town of Slippery Rock, PA and build what amounts to a tent city there.  This city is called the Pennsic War, and by the middle of the second week those 12,000 people are living, shopping, dancing, making music, partying, and having huge armoured battles there.  My hubby and I are two of them every year.

Our trip out was uneventful; we left the Philly area at about 9:40 on Friday morning with our friend [ profile] chemicallcrow in his little Honda Element, Butch, and arrived in Slippery Rock about 7 hours later, which is pretty average if you include rest stops.  Ron and I got our tent set up and stuff, and that's about all I remember of that evening.

The rest of the war sort of blurs every year in my memory; this year had a strange vibe -- people got there late and left early, tons of people were having car trouble, that sort of thing.  We had some camp drama as usual but it wasn't too horrible, just stressy.  Our fetish party was a big hit again this year although I was pretty tired.  I didn't dress up for it but I did tie [ profile] bearon68 and [ profile] chemicallcrow up in rope harnesses for the occasion; the latter harness came out very cool, different than any I'd done before.  I also got to take some classes including an awesome 6-hour silversmithing class.  This year marked 5 years since I'd met Ron at Pennsic, and I was trying to find him a present but couldn't find anything suitable.  I managed to get into the very popular silversmithing class, though, and made him a ring with my own two hands (and blowtorch and silver and solder and sandpaper and file et cetera!)  I picked out a pretty denim lapis cabochon for the stone which is close to the colour of my eyes.  I also wrote "I love you" inside the setting and kissed it before I set the stone in so he can always carry a kiss from me around with him.  I totally need to buy some silversmithing tools because that was superfun.

What was not superfun was breaking camp; Saturday we tore most of it down and packed it off into the storage unit our camp rents near the site.  It's tons of work and there were only about 5 of us doing the heavy labour part of it; the worst was filling up the sump pits.  Those were some big-ass holes and the dirt had to go back into them bucketful by heavy bucketful.  I was filthy by the time we called it good!  Fortunately I didn't sunburn though -- I only got a little red on the drive home 'cuz Butch has a moonroof and I forgot that the angle of the sun would bring it right down on my neck, and I didn't sunblock it.  It's not bad though -- I usually end up with much worse!

I bought a bunch of stuff this year, as usual; my big purchase I went planning to make was shoes and for once I actually bought what I planned to buy.  I've been in the SCA for 11 years now and still wear sneakers to everything.  I seriously needed decent medieval footwear!  I now have big pointy medieval shoes and funny wooden pattens to wear on them for walking outside in them.  I also bought a belt that is actually appropriate for my persona and bought a brass tip to go on it that I love -- it looks like a skull wearing a bishop's mitre and is a copy of an 14th century strap-end.  I bought a pin I'm going to put on my bar vest; I bought a pewter mug that I liked.  I'm sure I'm forgetting a purchase or two!

With the purchase of the belt and shoes I was finally wearing 100% medieval clothes this War.  (Other than the machine-stitching.. I'm not that crazy, yet.)  14th century underwear is more comfy than you might think. 

We got back last night around 7 after another uneventful trip across the Commonwealth and slept very soundly all night. Now I gotta face work tomorrow.  Woo. Hoo.
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OMG LiveJournals! I'm at Pennsic and renting a laptop for 10 minutes so of course I have to update real quick. It's been really hot but today is pretty decent. [ profile] jrbear has been running around half-naked and shrieking a lot. I have pictures. I may charge for them, though, we'll see.

Anyways, my time here is short so I will sign off, having let you know I'm alive. I can leave you with a meme:

What Kind of Pennsic Slut Am I?

>>The Not-Very-Good Kind<<

It's been too hot to fool around so I'm being a good boy. Tonight's the fetish party, tho, so we'll see if that lasts!



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