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OK, back to the questions:

A deliciously fruit-flavored [ profile] nightfallcub asks:

What do you think is the geekiest thing about you? What is a geeky thing that you are just ever so slightly ashamed of and hide from the "normals" as much as possible?

Hmm.. good question. I don't hide much from the normals; I've never been able to pass as one convincingly. But what would be the weirdest thing? My ability to speak an artificial language? My fascination with bizarre religious practices and beliefs? My inability to tolerate "American Idol" and "Survivor"? I'm not sure.

Cute and fuzzy [ profile] mattai asks:

What things do you do (aside from the SCA) to occupy your spare time?

I waste immense amounts of time on the internet, primarily. Even if I'm doing something else, chances are I'm also looking at webpages or chatting or whatever. Ron got me into square dancing a while back and I've enjoyed that a lot, especially since it gets me off the internet and off my butt. Also, I recently took up knitting which has been fun, and of course I read a lot.
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Un-american commie (by virtue of his being 'Strine and all) [ profile] hedgeworth asks:

If you were offered ten million dollars to leave the US, and you had to pick somewhere else to live out the rest of your life (anywhere at all) where would it be and why?

I'd probably go the easy route and pick Amsterdam. I liked it a lot when we visited, and the culture (political and otherwise) of the Netherlands appeals to me. Plus I already have a leg up on de Nederlandse taal.

It'd be in close running with Vancouver, British Columbia, though. I haven't visited there yet (2010, hopefully!) but it certainly looks like it's beautiful and I like Canada too. Plus I'm a bit more comfortable and conversant with western North American culture than Eastern, which is why it'd probably be Vancouver rather than, say, Toronto.
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Munchkin wrangler [ profile] talvinamarich asks:

Would you and Ron ever consider adopting a kid? I think you'd make great Dads. :)

Our standard reply to that question is "Us? We can't even keep houseplants alive..."

We've been told that we'd make good dads a number of times, but so far we just don't see ourselves parenting. I fully intend to be a spoiling uncle when my siblings finally spawn, but so far we haven't got any plans for our own pitter-patter of feets.
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Media mogul [ profile] polomex asks:

Do you keep others to higher or lower standards than you use for yourself?

That's kind of a hard question to answer. Half the time I feel like I don't hold myself to much of a standard at all, but that's not really true: I expect a lot out of myself even if I disappoint myself a lot. (I spent most of my childhood "not living up to my potential" and I think that even though I'm moderately successful by the criteria I hold for these things — I'm happy, not starving, have a roof over my head, a job I mostly like, and have time to appreciate my family and hobbies — I sometimes feel like there's something more I ought to be doing.)

Other people, though.. I don't know how much I hold them to any standards at all. It irritates my husband to no end that I am extremely reluctant to ask for any sort of help from people, but I've cultivated a life of self-reliance partly because that's how I want to think of myself, and partly because I have a hard time believing that anyone else would hold up their end of a bargain the way I'd want them to. (My husband doesn't count for this, by the way.. I'd likely be a mess without all the stuff he does for me and for us.) This lack of trust is probably control-freaky and unfair to the people I have in my life, I admit. If I'm being honest though, it's probably how my mind works: since the standards I'd hold them to are probably higher than would be reasonable to expect, I'd rather not hold them to any at all; and this also prevents them from having any expectations of me, making it easier for me to self-justify any failure to live up to their standards.
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The towering boy that is [ profile] bigfootcub asks:

What was your biggest change in the last year?

I think that'd have to be our move. For the last five years we had been living in a small 2-bedroom apartment in West Philly, when a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood but it had problems. Mice, mice, and more mice, particularly. We also had very little room to store our stuff; the "guest room" was pretty much perpetually unusable because it was packed with said stuff.

We finally got our act together, saved up for a move, and found the place we're in now, a technically-four-bedroom house in South Philly. It has a basement. We have a place for our stuff. THERE ARE NO MICE. It's been really great, all around; even when we had a sewer pipe break last month, the landlord fixed it with a quickness. The extra space makes it a lot easier to keep relatively tidy, because the clutter is spread out more.

Since I lived in South Philly before, when I first moved here, it hasn't really been a big adjustment. It's just super-nice having a place that's livable!
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A potentially peripatetic [ profile] mudcub asks:

Ever fought heavy in the SCA? Light? Did you like it? Dance? Brew mead? What do you think of the idea of same-sex royalty?

I have indeed fought both heavy and light in the SCA. I haven't fought in years, but back in the mid-90's I was actually a squire. It was a tragic tale of woe and betrayal, unfortunately: I was a dedicated squire but my Master turned out to be a fraud. I hung up my armor after that, pretty much (and dropped out of active participation entirely for a while), though I have considered taking the sword back up now and again; I even have a nice helm and elbow and knee cops that I bought the last time I was planning to lose my mind and risk life and limb for the fun of whacking people with sticks! I fenced at the same time as well, and enjoyed that a lot too; I earned a red scarf before I stopped fencing. I do miss it sometimes, a lot. The camaraderie and plain fun of swordplay is something I could easily get into again.

SCA dance was my first dance experience, though I haven't done it in a while -- mostly because our square dance night is the same night as SCA dance here. I have brewed mead as well -- exactly one batch, some of which is still lingering around the house. It still tastes pretty good, for being 14 years old. (I know when I brewed it because I was still a year underage at the time! Heheheh..)

The question of same-sex royalty still vexes me. I can see both sides of the argument and am honestly torn about it. I think on the whole, though, I'd rather see a guy or gal fight to crown someone they really love, regardless of whether it'd result in a pair of Kings or Queens or one of each. In the final analysis, solidarity with my gay brethren who feel strongly about wanting that right outweighs the counterarguments for me, I guess.
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[ profile] sctmpls asks:

What's your favorite physical trait on another guy? What's your favorite physical trait of your own?

It's always hard to narrow it down to one trait; different things grab me on different guys. A handsome face is always the first thing I notice, of course; if I had to narrow it down I'd probably say a cute smile. Then again, a nice round butt will usually get my attention too...

My own favorite trait? I like my smile a lot as well.. my parents paid enough money for it and I suffered through the braces long enough that I guess I'd better appreciate it! ;)
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[ profile] leafshimmer asks:

Can we get an update on your work/studies in the ADF?

My studies of Our Druidry continue; I completed the Dedicant Path after last Samhain, which I'd been working on since the Midsummer before. The DP, the year-minimum basic course of Druidic study which is a prerequisite to the rest of ADF's study programs, was very useful for engaging me in regular meditation, devotional work and study, and completing it was a milestone that I am proud to have seen to its end. Of course, in typical fashion the "end" is more of a beginning, and I was accepted into the ADF Clergy Training Program. I've been having some difficulties getting my ducks lined up to complete my first course, partly logistical (I'm having to rewrite some material I'd created in my university studies to make it conform to the ADF submission requirements: blah) and partly inertia-based. I'm not too worried about it, though; I'm giving myself a couple years to complete the first section of the work, since I want to do it properly rather than quickly.

My grove-organizing work is suffering from the previously-mentioned inertia as well. I'm working on re-energizing my private devotional practice and prayer life, which is generally the advice I'd give to anyone who needed to re-green and refresh their spiritual life, and will be the thing that can give me the boost I need to get back on an effective track instead of a dull rut. ;)
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Ganked from [ profile] cuddlcub:

An abstract drawing of a cat

1. Open MS Paint
2. Close eyes.
3. Draw a cat.
4. Post the results.

Apparently I draw far better with my eyes closed. Figures.

Meme ahoy!

Nov. 30th, 2008 12:35 am
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Winter Holiday meme, courtesy of [ profile] dubhlainn, [ profile] ogam, [ profile] angeltatts, and others...

Read more... )

I voted!

Nov. 4th, 2008 09:30 am
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Voting meme: cut for images (Worksafe) )

ETA: Here's a PDF of the stickers -- they're formatted for Avery 5163 2x4" labels. Enjoy!

name meme

Apr. 2nd, 2008 07:14 pm
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I was going to do this yesterday but I got busy and didn't.

Name meme, cut for photoness (safe for work) )
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I resisted the meme until I couldn't resist any longer:

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Tipped off by [ profile] bigfundrew, I present:

Ten Things I Like Which Start With the Letter 'S'  )

PR meme

Oct. 10th, 2006 09:40 pm
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Oh god. It says so on the internets and it must be true: I'm boring.

You scored as Robert. You're Robert! You have a very good heart and are very nice. People concider you funny and happy.

Which Project Runway [3] Designer Are You?
created with

[damn busted meme code..]
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I have a hard time imagining that I'm remotely A-list enough to have rumours circulating about me. Could maybe some of you make some up for me to circulate about myself? My rep needs some extra tarnishing.
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So [ profile] pagerbear seems to have (in?)advertently started a meme: a list of all the jobs he's ever had. I herewith present my list with the caveat that I haven't had many, because the ones I've had, I mostly stuck with:

Babysitting: wave o' babies! (Ages 14ish-16)
Domino's Pizza #7664, cook and customer service (16)
Domino's Pizza #7664, driver and shiftrunner (18)
Pizza by George!, deliveryman (20, for 2 weeks)
Flagstaff Medical Center, Stores Tech II (20)
Lakewood Hospital, ER Registration Representative (22)
Lakewood Hospital, Insurance Verification Rep (23)
University of Pennsylvania, Administrative Assistant & Webmaster (25)
University of Pennsylvania, Administrative Coordinator & Webmaster (27-present)

In my present job, my title is as above, but I do practically no administrative work at all; I am essentially a graphic designer and web manager without the title or salary. My boss has hinted that with my upcoming graduation it's getting to be time to review my job description and classification again (which was how my title and classification got changed before, and my salary increased. Here's hoping!)
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The visited states meme is going around again, and since I recently added a few new ones to my list (NC, SC, and GA) I guess I'll lem like a.. thing that lems. What would that be? I guess some sort of lem-ming creature. Anyway.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.


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