Rescue 911

Jul. 4th, 2007 09:24 pm
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Aw, I even got fireworks on this rainy fourth of July!

We were sitting here in our living room about half an hour ago, and suddenly we heard a weird electric noise outside our window. Ron looked over and I heard "Oh shit!" I looked over too and the AC unit that sits in the overgrown space between our building and ours was emitting said noise along with some pretty orange flames. I had visions of the vegetation--lots of weeds and a few oak and paulownia trees that get mown down every fall and grow back every spring--catching fire and taking both buildings out in the process, so I grabbed the phone and dialed 911. While I was talking to the dispatcher, the fire went out. She connected me to the fire dispatcher anyway, and I gave them the location and then went to throw on some clothes so I could go show them where the fire had been. As much as I rag on our police department, our fire department gives me nothing to worry about; I didn't even have my shoes on before I heard the sirens in front of our apartment. I went out in the rain and could smell the smoke. I managed to show them where the unit was and they poked around while Ron talked to them through the window and the landlord of the next-door building leaned out of his. (Apparently he wasn't particularly helpful.) The firemen said there wasn't much they could do but that the unit was stone dead now, so it wasn't likely to burn any further. I'm hoping they're right, and will be keeping an ear open for that noise again, just in case.


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