Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:33 pm
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This last week was Cabin Fever at [ profile] skacubby's folks' little ramshackle shack in the woods of Virginia. My friend Dino picked me up early on Wednesday morning and we stopped by the Melrose Diner for breakfast before hitting the road. By the time the sun came up we were halfway to Harrisburg, and five hours after we left we were at the Cabin.

We arrived shortly after [ profile] ivanushka, [ profile] sofabeast and [ profile] nightfallcub got there, fresh from a 14-hour odyssey non-stop from Chicagoland. David and Charles I knew from last year's party, but while I've known Larry for years and years here on LJ, this was the first chance we'd had to meet in the Real Lifes. AWESOME! There were hugs galore.

All in all thirteen of us showed up (I think). We ate lots of Chick-Fil-A (without getting kicked out this time, way to go guys!), drank a whole lot, and watched some very dumb (and funny) movies. Five of us hit the slopes -- well, the tubing hill, anyway -- and spent a couple hours throwing ourselves down the mountainside. That was a huge blast and we'll be doing that again next year I'm sure. After that most of the guys went to the waterpark but I took a break instead. We also went en masse to mini-golf. I got a hole in one on the third hole but ended up about 18 over par for the course thanks to the goddamned fifth hole. NEXT YEAR, GOLF COURSE... There was also an ill-advised Golden Girls marathon that we nearly got sucked into but we managed to escape its awful gravity thanks to the siren call of Lady Liquor. Oh, and there was a poultry massacre at BW3's. And a 50-lb. box of BBQ. And and and.. I don't think I could remember it all even if I hadn't killed large quantities of previously useful brain cells.

Anyway it was a very chill weekend. It's always great to get together with this group because [ profile] skacubby has excellent taste in friends and we always get along fabulously. In addition to Larry, I got to meet several people I'd previously only known online and as I'd hoped, they all turned out to be sweethearts and just as awesome in person as they are on the internets. And hot. OMG, we're lucky the Cabin didn't spontaneously combust with all that hotness on hand. TBRU, eat your heart out.

It's been good to be home with my husband but it's hard to let go of good times like that, and go back to ordinary life. It helps that I'll be going out to Chicago a couple times this year and will get to see a lot of the guys again then, at least. And there's always next year at the Cabin.
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