Jun. 25th, 2011

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I managed to catch the end of the voting in the New York Senate last night, just in time to hold my breath waiting to find out whether they'd managed to push the same-sex marriage bill through. It was so good to see it happen and it felt like a bit of a sea change, since the whiners won't be able to use the good old "judicial activism" gambit -- I'm sure they'll still trot out "let us hold a referendum" but that's going to happen every time until we get the concept of representative democracy pounded into their feeble little minds.

There's a lot of talk about this being the tipping point for marriage equality and I'm thinking the next few years will be very interesting on that front. Pennsylvania will probably hold out 'til the bitter end, of course. Ron and I have talked about making it legal for our tenth anniversary this fall; New York might be a better option for us because it looks like NY only requires 24 hours between issuing the license and solemnizing the marriage instead of, say, DC's three business day waiting period. So maybe that will happen after all. :) Still won't mean anything legally here until either PA does the right thing or DOMA gets repealed and they're forced to respect the full faith and credit clause in the constitution, of course, but we still think it's important to do.

In other news, nephew Nate went home with his mom and dad today; I got pictures texted to me of him strapped into his car seat, wearing a tiny t-shirt that says "Hi! I'm new here." So cute. Can't wait to get out to Arizona and meet him (and the other two that are still on the way!)


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